Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 2 - 12 of our family vacation

found us in Denver. The Monday after our encounter with the "Tomato", as Jessica calls it, found Chris flying back to Phoenix to work. He returned the following weekend and we stayed there until Thursday morning. While there we visited Estes Park. A beautiful mountain community bordering Rocky Mountain National Park. There we walked the streets and enjoyed the clean, fresh air and family. Did a little shopping and took a lot of pictures. The boys (Wayne and Chris) went on a hunt for a micro brewery but were unable to find it. They did however find the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins where enjoyed a day of beer tasting and bonding. Not to mention the small circus bike Wayne decided to try out.

While Chris and Wayne took in a Rocky's game and a theme park, I enjoyed spending time with my sister and the kids, playing, watching TV and tye dying shirts. I too took in a few baseball games as well, only the star of the ones I watched was a 7 year old little boy who often calls me Aunty Shanny. Only wished I could have seen my oldest little man in one of his games. I promise Austin, next time I'm all over your games buddy. I have to catch at least one before you graduate from High School.

How I love to visit them but wish they lived closer! It's so hard to say goodbye.

Thank you all for the wonderful time we spent with you. I can't wait until we are able to do it again!

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